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Having masses of unstructured data scattered across laptops, desktops, Tablets and mobile devices is an ever growing pain for a business. With time scarcity and insufficient security measures to protect these valuable data assets, we decided to create a competent solution that can not only give protection to your data with Military-Grade Encryptions but also provide you with various advanced A.I. backed features to keep you going smooth with all the bulk of data you have been producing.

Safepots has something for everyone it is designed to complement the advance nature of our constantly developing world where way of using technology is changing such as Youtube streaming and blogging are new trending professions among the youngsters.

Safepots offers specialized package of cloud data protection solutions that is suitable for everyone’s needs regardless of company or organization’s size and industry type. It is also a cool cloud for personal use.

For backup, sync, and mobile access of your personal files, including music, photos, home videos, and financial records, check out Safepots. If you are a person of great taste and have large collections of music files, pictures, videos or anything else keep it safe and organized with safepots. Quick and easy sync, mobile access and backup from anywhere at any time.

Safepots is the solution for you, If you’re a business looking to back up computers or servers and looking for a productivity boost. Boost productivity of your business with Safepots cloud solution which provides you no. of backup servers under one account with centralized user management and transparent tracking of activities.

Check out Safepots for cloud backup, sync, and mobile access with all the controls and security that today's enterprise IT demands. Safepots is designed by collaborating new age technologies of cognitive intelligence such as A.I. and others to suit all the IT demands and requirements of today’s enterprises. Save yourself from those last minute hassle before meetings.

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