Your files, always at your fingertips Online backup and file sync for your home

Get Fastest Online backup and file sync for your home needs

With world class security and access options, restore your files anytime from anywhere and save your precious time.

Discover your digital memories faster by always staying connected to your data at your fingertips

Manage tons of your photos, videos and files along with protecting them with the smarter and faster way of “Safepots Intelligent Home”.

Get the freedom to access all your files using any device with the help of our easy to use platform that automatically backs up and centralizes all the content in one safe place.

Stream your videos just like Netflix, with our no buffering rule

Watch all your favorite moments anytime with family and friends.

This smart streaming system has policies like easy viewing of 4K, HD files direct from the cloud anytime from anywhere.

Audio files can be streamed with the assurity of not missing a single beat.

Also, secure sharing to any smart device is one of the many available features.

Facial Recognition

Use the power of the latest technology

The built-in facial recognition feature that takes into account cognitive intelligence concept of artificial intelligence helps in keeping all the photos organized and creating thumbnails for each person for easier access to photos in the huge number of collections.

Directly upload photos from your camera roll for convenience or connect your social media accounts to see it in action.

Tagging and naming friends, family and pets helps in increasing the accuracy of searches.

A.I. Photo Detection

Explore your memories with the best available innovation.

Now, a lot of your precious time can be saved by the use of the newest technology in photo detection that make search results using objects that are visible in those pictures.

Make search results with phrases like “cup”, “phone”, “glasses”, “birthday” rather than searching using date and place of photos which we often forget.

Mobile Apps

Accessibility with rocket speed

No need to engage the space on your device for backing up and accessing data.

Backup your precious information before your hard drive or phone gets damaged.

Get all your contacts, messages, documents, calendars, as well as music, photos and videos backed up easily in fraction of seconds.

We Keep Your Memories Guarded

Live worry free about the safety of your data.

Using the most advanced and highly appreciated Amazon web services (AWS), Safepots provides high levels of security with multiple layers of encryption similar to the backup mechanism used by organizations like Netflix, NASA and the US Government.

Along with the highly beneficially complex encryption technique, our added unique auditing feature makes it easier for users to track all the activities on their account remotely.

Automatic backup

No possibility of losing any memory again.

With Safepots, you won’t have to worry about anything as everything from the moment a file is uploaded will be taken care by Safepots.

Smart Filters

Get all your data organized for better convenience.

Safepots provides a safer platform for all your important pictures and it organizes your data on the basis of a lot of factors.

No matter whether photography is your profession or hobby, our especially customized system for photographers gives our clients the freedom to save their time by getting search results quicker by searching via camera type, mobile device, location, resolution, color and much more.

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