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Data security is necessity! Internet a Scary place?

We are living in a virtual world as much as we are living in a physical one. Digital technology has advanced our life in so many ways that it became a crucial part of it. From every big and small organization including government to every individual is using digital technology on regular basis. It is scary to imagine our life without it but apart from its many advantages cyber-crimes are becoming Nightmares in our wonderful Land.

According to estimates by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, cyber-crimes cost the global economy over 400 billion USD per year. Also after Yahoo data breach compromising to 3 billion users, eBay came in the news with 145 million users compromised and the most recent high-profile data leak was Facebook with 87 million compromised users. In recent study on Cyber-crime by Dr. Michael McGuire found that the Global Cyber-crime Economy generating over $1.5 trillion. It includes the following.

  • $860 billion – Illicit/illegal online markets.
  • $500 billion – Theft of trade secrets/IP.
  • $160 billion – Data trading.
  • $1.6 billion – Crime-ware-as-a-Service.
  • $1 billion – Ransom ware.

The most common misconception that people have is that cyber criminals only target big organizations, governments and businesses. Phishing: Using fake Email messages to get personal information of an internet user. Identity theft: Misusing personal information. Hacking: shutting down or misusing websites or computer networks and from stealing information of your net banking and cash cards to Ransom Attack: blackmailing to leak private photos and documents or erasing it. All these crimes are very common and possible to happen against any individual as well as business or organization.

It is important to keep our data secure from all these cyber perpetrators. Safepots Cloud Computing Technology is Smart for the millennial and the following generation.

Data Breaches and cyber-attacks are only going to increase in coming years as Computer Network expands and technology evolves. Cyber-crimes are going to get bigger and better. Therefore, we need to think smarter ways to secure our data and take all precautions to prevent cyber-attacks against us. Password: Make sure your password is set on computer operating system. Use password manager and not sticky notes.

  • Firewall: hardware or software firewall it helps to protect your device from unauthorized incoming or outgoing data.
  • Updates and Patches: No software is perfect but don’t go for fake update messages.
  • Malware Protection: Use antivirus and malware programs.
  • System Scan: Run system scans to check vulnerabilities.
  • Email check: Be aware of Phishing. Never click on something that sound too good to be true. For example- “IPhone X at just $10” or “Congratulations!”
  • Alternative Browsers: Use alternative browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

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