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Safepots Intelligent Cloud is a secure cloud backup solution that companies of all sizes can rely on. It’s affordable. It’s cutting edge. It’s built for your business.

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The problem we solve

We help businesses deal with their increasing amount of data on the daily basis by providing the unique approach of backing up data on the cloud along with organizing data after proper analysis by taking into consideration the artificial intelligence properties incorporated in the Safepots cloud data backup, as all the data being created is critical for business. All the backed up data is protected with high levels of encryption and can also be retrieved even after any unintentional damage caused.

Get Your Business On Safepots Cloud – Affordable Price, Amazing Functionality

Avoid wasting huge sums of money on the maintenance of large infrastructures and associated equipments along with saving your valuable time on unnecessary searches with the cloud storage services- the new trend in the business market. Businesses have to deal with tons of data that are created everyday and they can’t get rid of that data because that data is required to be securely kept.

Safepots research and development team has created the online cloud data platform by incorporating the advanced newly researched and still under lots of development, branch of science called Cognitive intelligence which comes under A.I. that deals with the process of providing natural intelligence to machines in order to make them self-sufficient for analyzing a particular situation and selecting the most suitable and best option from a number of highly favourable options with the help of thinking, reasoning and remembering previous choices.

Cloud data storage service provided by Safepots has been created keeping in mind the requirements of small, medium and large businesses. It doesn’t require the clients to pay huge sums of money rather only a subscription cost is required with the availability to increase or decrease the available storage space through up cycling and down cycling any time according to the requirements.

All the saved data is kept at a far location made especially for cloud computing purpose with huge infrastructures and all the required instruments to make back up services running 24/7 and 365 days a year without any interruptions due to technical issues. Cloud data storage service is the best option of emerging businesses which are looking for ways to expand their market presence and grow their business in a limited budget.

Another cool feature that is highly favourable for the business operators is that cloud computing and cloud data storage gives them the freedom to get connected and operate their business from any place in this world with the help of all their data being accessible over the cloud through the help of internet.

Four Reasons to Use Safepots Cloud Data Backup

To increase efficiency and productivity

Save your precious money from getting wasted on unnecessary installations of huge infrastructural servers at your business sites and also the cost of maintaining them along with their operational costs by switching to cloud data backup option of Safepots that has been especially customized for business users. This cloud data storage option is also advantageous as it saves the time that we usually spend on searching files and data from the huge list of files and data we save for future use. The smart search option that makes use of artificial intelligence gives instant result of searches. The time and money saved will result in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the business as that saved resources can be utilized further for working on the services that are provided to the customers.

For advanced security

With Safepots cloud data backup, you will never have to worry about the security of your saved data as the data gets the same level of safety from online and other origin threats, as the companies like Netflix and organization like NASA and the US government provide to protect their secret data. They provide many levels of encryption to protect your saved data from hackers or case like ransomware. Also, all the activity on your account can be traced at any time by getting connected to the Safepots network and login into your account using any internet compatible device. In case, any data is accessed without your permission or the retrieval activity seems suspicious then the user gets notified immediately.

To optimize the way of work

All the files that are uploaded get categorized and systematically organized after thorough analysis of the saved data in them. This thoughtful arrangement of saved files not only makes the process of searching the required data easier but also makes more space for the purpose of backing up more and more files that helps businesses grow better. No matter how many files you upload in your Safepots cloud data backup, all the data will get organized and greater insights will be provided with detailed information about all the aspects of your saved data.

For enjoying the benefits of an integrated solution

Connecting with Safepots’ cloud data backup will save money as there is no need to connect to third party software or to a developer, as the necessity of getting an infrastructure installed can be neglected. Everything required for a great backup is provided efficiently by Safepots.

The Business We Help

Our solutions are built for businesses of all sizes.

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